primary race

Draconic, and most of those that are kin to the Draconic race, are often identified with scaled skin and a pair of wings they all possess though none are gifted with flight. Draconic don’t represent a single unified race but rather folks with various levels of dragon’s blood in their veins. Draconic scales come in many colors. Draconic have no known society but they make homes almost anywhere in the world. While an imperfect description the color of a Draconic’s scales will often allude to what their general temperament might be. Regardless of what is said about actual dragons there is no such thing as a “good” or “evil” race of drakes.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Dexterity Training II 6 The character gains +6 natural armor.
innate Ironclad 0 The character’s starting max wearable armor becomes 15.
innate Physical Training II 6 The character has a physical makeup that allows them to take advantage of serious endurance training, causing them to be more resilient to damage. They gain +6 HP.
basic Rend 3 The character has honed their claws to pierce armor and damage the flesh underneath. They gain the ability to change the effect of any damaging attack made unarmed to pierce.
apprentice Breath Weapon 5 The character throws three packets for the effect 5 strike fire. A target hit by any of these packets would take the effect per normal, a single target hit by more than one of these packets would still only take the effect one time.
apprentice Empower: Divination 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a divination spell
apprentice Resist Execute 3 The character gains an avoid execute reaction.
apprentice Resist Magic 5 The character gains an avoid magic reaction.


Weakness Description
Aloof The sylvan believes themselves better than their enemies, to a fault. They are unable to use avoid reactions to attacks from behind.
Bullheaded If the character is injured they can’t stop thinking about the battle that caused them. They are unable to use resting to renew more than one skill at a time if their HP total is below breaking point.
Frenzy By their nature the character can easily be pushed to violence. Durations for command: attack effects are doubled for the character.
Hoarding Must sleep on or immediately next to materials. The amount of materials required is proportionate to the character's total EXP. Quality-1 = 5 EXP Quality-2 = 15 EXP Quality-3 = 25 EXP Quality-4 = 35 EXP Multi-category materials multiply their value times the number of categories. Without sleeping on a horde a draconic becomes restless and receives only half of their sleeping resting renewal.
Named The character is magically connected to their name, they cannot use avoid reactions on intent delivered effects if their name is included in the delivery. The player must submit their character’s name to plot to take this weakness.
Poison Blood The character’s blood is of an alien makeup. Healing potions have a reduced effect.