primary race

The Faeweld are the mortal children of the Fae or Fairy kingdoms. Their natural instincts when it comes to magic make them especially astute magic users. There are three general types of Faeweld representing loosely the three kingdoms of the Fae. Their ancestry can have a variable affect over their behavior and attitude. Each and every one of the Faeweld see entertainment and games as life affirming though each in their own way. Faeweld must have sparkly skin, and either insect wings, feathered wings, or horns.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
apprentice Adept: Inscriber 3 Reduces the material cost of a basic inscriber enhancement by 2.
apprentice Adept: Runesmith 3 Reduces the material cost of a basic runesmith enhancement by 2.
apprentice Babble 5 The faeweld is proficient at spouting nonsensical phrases and causing confusion. After 15 seconds of concentration while making no sense, they can confuse a target.
apprentice Empower: Conjuration 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a conjuration spell.
apprentice Empower: Enchantment 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by an enchantment spell
apprentice Empower: Transmutation 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a transmutation spell
apprentice Fae Games 4 The faeweld’s love of games helps them relax, they may apply a normal strengthen resting 15 to themselves effect active when they are the target of the gaming skill.
apprentice Rejuvenate 4 The faeweld can channel magic through themselves to ease suffering, whether they were the cause of that suffering is another matter entirely.
apprentice Renew Magic 4 The faeweld has spent time studying magic, casting spells becomes second nature. They may use this ability to renew any spell slot apprentice or lower. The renew follows all magical renew rules, and so the spell cannot be changed. Signature spell charges are not spell slots and so are not valid for use of this skill.


Weakness Description
Aloof The sylvan believes themselves better than their enemies, to a fault. They are unable to use avoid reactions to attacks from behind.
Fae Law Through blood or choices, the faeweld has found themselves bound by the Laws of The Other World. They are physically unable to knowingly lie under any circumstances.
Frail The faeweld has hollow bones. Their breaking point cannot be higher than 5 HP.
Hindered By their nature the character has a weakened constitution. They have -4 max HP.
Named The character is magically connected to their name, they cannot use avoid reactions on intent delivered effects if their name is included in the delivery. The player must submit their character’s name to plot to take this weakness.
Toxic Metals The faeweld is allergic to metals. Pierce effects deal double damage.