primary race

The origin of the Forged is a mystery to many, even themselves. Some are deliberate constructions of material and magic. Others have been formed somehow out of natural circumstance and have simply awoken in their place of birth. Regardless of the circumstances they are all representative of a creature made of a certain material bonded with a living spirit to create a functional living creature. Despite being composed of different materials the Forged requires food, rest, and all other necessaries of any living creature. Forged must wear sufficient makeup/prosthetics/masks so they appear to be made up of non-living matter: metal, stone, gem, or organic material such as wood.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Convenient Contraption 8 The forged’s character enhancement slots count as armor, character and tool for purposes for adding enhancements.
innate Dexterity Training III 8 The character gains +8 natural armor.
innate Ironclad 0 The character’s starting max wearable armor becomes 15.
apprentice Heart Furnace 6 The Forged has an internal source of power that can be fueled by materials. For consuming six points of material they receive the effect normal renew expert that can only be used on artisan skills.
apprentice Iron Spine 3 The forged is capable of transferring force that would damage items on them through their body instead. They can avoid a shatter effect at the cost of 10 HP. The character may not use this reaction if they have less than 10 HP.
apprentice Positive Charge 6 ‘The forged is made of materials that hold a positive charge, allowing the character to cast the transmutation spell dispel without the incant.
apprentice Resist Poison 5 The character gains an avoid poison reaction.
expert Brilliant Facets 6 The character gains a use of the reaction reflect stun mind 10 triggered by the magic qualifier.
expert Entrench 6 The forged gains the ability to use an avoid strike reaction for any attack that is blocked by their weapon.


Weakness Description
Avalanche Once in rapid motion, the character loses control of their momentum. If the character begins to run they immediately take a normal stun defense 1 minute effect, this effect cannot be subverted by a reaction.
Crumble The character is made up of easily breakable materials. Any shatter armor effect taken by the character has the additional effect execute under breaking point.
Disrepair The forged is not well put together, damage to their armor can cause additional deficiencies. When the forged armor is at 0 they cannot use any skill with the usage packet.
Fracture The character is integrated into their armor to some degree. Pierce effects do their numeric in damage to both HP and armor. If the damage done to the armor would drop the armor past zero the additional damage is lost.