Monolith’s are those that are infused with the element of Stone. Infused with the stubborn elemental energies of strength, Monoliths tend to be patient and deliberate in their actions. They don’t fuss with delicate details and speak plainly. However, they can react with great anger if sufficiently provoked. The Monolith have patches of grey, brown, and/or gemstones on their skin. These features often extend to their hair.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Dexterity Training II 6 The character gains +6 natural armor.
basic Conduit: Stone 1 The character can change the effect of any damaging call to stone.
novice Stone Form 3 Bandaging the monolith also refits armor upon completion.
apprentice Consume: Stone 4 The character gains a per use alternate effect ability against a stone damaging attack; the alternate effect is <numeric of stone damage> normal imbue HP
apprentice Fortify 4 The monolith gains a use of the spell harbor cast as if it were cast with the still cast skill.
apprentice Weapon Affinity: Monolith 5 The methods of the monolith favor hammer, mace, and unarmed combat. They gain the ability to double the numeric of any damaging attack made with these weapons.
expert Stomp 5 The monolith can cause the ground itself to hold everyone in an area in place.
master Commune: Mountains 5 The character has a close relationship with the element of stone and may delve it’s secrets; they may perform a powerful version of the divination ritual spell lore and receive information on any object related directly to stone. Possible targets could be a rock, a stone infused artifact, a piece of stone from an avalanche; but arbitration of valid targets is left to the local plot team. Targeting a non-valid target will cause the ritual to fail upon completion, at the cost of the skill use, but without consuming the material components.


Weakness Description
Avalanche Once in rapid motion, the character loses control of their momentum. If the character begins to run they immediately take a normal stun defense 1 minute effect, this effect cannot be subverted by a reaction.
Credulous The character will believe anything. They are unable to use avoid reactions against charisma effects.
Crumble The character is made up of easily breakable materials. Any shatter armor effect taken by the character has the additional effect execute under breaking point.
Vulnerable: Lightning Monoliths are inherently vulnerable to damage dealt by their opposing element. They cannot use avoid reactions against lightning effects.