Creatures bound to the element of fire are known as the Radiant. These are highly spirited and daring lovers of life and the conflict that comes with living it. Reveling in the energy of fire they take on a tireless approach to whatever calling they have devoted themselves too. While the most famous Radiant may have distinguished themselves as master evocationists or warrior mages there are just as many in politics and trade. The Radiant are quick to make friends and quick to make enemies. The Radiant’s skin is covered in red and yellow patches, and they often have golden or red hair.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Intangible 3 The character’s elemental nature allows them an automatic reaction to briefly slip out of phase with reality, just long enough to not be harmed by area effects. They gain a guard radius.
innate Physical Training II 6 The character has a physical makeup that allows them to take advantage of serious endurance training, causing them to be more resilient to damage. They gain +6 HP.
basic Conduit: Fire 1 The character can change the effect of any damaging call to fire.
apprentice Consume: Fire 4 The character gains a per use alternate effect ability against fire; the alternate effect is normal imbue 20 normal fire packet/weapon
apprentice Empower: Evocation 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by an evocation spell
apprentice Recursion 4 The character can immediately re-emit a radius effect that they are affected by. They are not affected by the recursed effect.
expert Detonation 4 The character can call to the flames to harm an enemy within line of sight.
master Commune: Fire 5 The character has a close relationship with the element of fire and may delve it’s secrets; they may perform a powerful version of the divination ritual spell lore and receive information on any object related directly to fire. Possible targets could be a torch, a fire infused artifact, a piece of burning wood from a forest fire; but arbitration of valid targets is left to the local plot team. Targeting a non-valid target will cause the ritual to fail upon completion, at the cost of the skill use, but without consuming the material components.


Weakness Description
Burn The radiant’s nature to destroy takes its toll on positive effects. Any positive effect placed on the radiant that has the duration sunrise/sunset is reduced to encounter.
Frenzy By their nature the character can easily be pushed to violence. Durations for command: attack effects are doubled for the character.
Hindered By their nature the character has a weakened constitution. They have -4 max HP.
Vulnerable: Ice Radiant are inherently vulnerable to the primary weapon of their opposing element. They cannot use avoid reactions against stun effects.