Sparked are bound to the element of lightning. Sparked believe in exploring every facet of life. Often becoming a master in an area only to leave it and start anew in a different craft. Beyond their incredible physical energy, Sparked tap into the largest source of divination energy there is. This sometimes makes them appear distracted. Instead their minds are privy to many lines of thought and they are excellent at discerning their meanings. . . even if they are not always capable of explaining it to others. Their skin is covered in white, blue, and yellow patches, often in lighting markings.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Physical Training II 6 The character has a physical makeup that allows them to take advantage of serious endurance training, causing them to be more resilient to damage. They gain +6 HP.
basic Conduit: Lightning 1 The character can change the effect of any damaging call to lightning.
apprentice Consume: Lightning 4 The character gains a per use alternate effect ability against lightning; the alternate effect is normal imbue normal stun body 10 weapon/packet
apprentice Empower: Divination 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a divination spell
apprentice Fulmination 4 The character throws five packets for 5 normal lightning. A target hit by any of these packets would take the effect per normal, a single target hit by more than one of these packets would still only take the effect one time.
apprentice Inner Power 5 The character can utilize their connection to elemental lightning to renew one of their skills.
expert Blur 5 All bandaging and armor repair is hastened for the character.
master Commune: Lightning 5 The character has a close relationship with the element of lightning and may use it’s insights; they may perform the divination ritual spell vision once per event without paying its material cost.


Weakness Description
Dazed The spark is unusually focused. If the character is interrupted while using a concentration skill, they take a normal stun defense 10 effect, this effect cannot be mitigated by a reaction.
Hindered By their nature the character has a weakened constitution. They have -4 max HP.
Kinetics The character feels a strong need to stay in motion, any disruption of that motion throws their combat abilities into disarray. Whenever the character takes a stun effect they take an additional normal stun offense for the same duration. This additional effect cannot be mitigated by a reaction.
Vulnerable: Stone Sparked are inherently vulnerable to damage dealt by their opposing element. They cannot use avoid reactions against stone effects.