primary race

Sylvan are proud, long-lived people. They can often be viewed as arrogant or out of touch by other races because of how their lifespan has shaped their outlook and demeanor. Their long life often gives them an affinity for magic or nature. People of Sylvan ancestry represent the second most prolific people in the world of Convergence. Sylvan players are required to have pointed ears. Sylvan skin tone matches the player’s, but they may use makeup to have shades and markings of different colors applied in some areas.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Dexterity Training II 6 The character gains +6 natural armor.
basic Buttress 3 The character gains the ability to use the effect hasten heroic talk.
apprentice Adept: Infuser 3 Reduces the material cost of a basic infuser enhancement by 2.
apprentice Adept: Inscriber 3 Reduces the material cost of a basic inscriber enhancement by 2.
apprentice Empower: Healing 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a healing spell
apprentice Hunt 4 The character gains the tracking skill. This version of tracking cannot be used for counter tracking.
apprentice Resist Command 3 The character gains an avoid command reaction.
apprentice Resist Normal 5 The character gains an avoid normal reaction.
apprentice Weapon Affinity: Sylvan 5 The methods of the sylvan favor bows, spears, and thrown weapons. They gain the ability to double the numeric of any damaging attack made with these weapons.


Weakness Description
Aloof The sylvan believes themselves better than their enemies, to a fault. They are unable to use avoid reactions to attacks from behind.
Slight The character has a small physical frame, allowing stun effects to directly harm them. The effects stun: left/right arm, stun: arms, stun: left/right leg, stun: leg, and stun: body also deal 2 HP damage to the character.