Traverse City

In the winter of 2003 a man by the name of Robert Ordiway was sitting around with a bunch of friends. The friends were reminiscing about the days when they used to Larp in a game made by a friend of theirs. That friend had moved away and there were no other options to Larp anywhere in Northern Michigan at the time. Robert with the help of some of his friends came up with the idea to start a chapter of Larp. At the time there were no sites such as Kickstarter or GoFundMe. To make his dream possible Robert went around with a bucket and asked friends, family, and even some strangers to help fund his dream of owning his own Larp chapter. After only a couple of months of saving Robert had saved up enough money to buy the rights to his own chapter. In May of 2004 the very first event of Traverse City was held at the Interlochen Horse Camp. The game was played that weekend from tents with no running water, and just Port-a-Johns for using the restroom. It was an amazing time and that day started what would become a great community of friends and family who now play 5 – 6 times a year and share the fun experience of Larp with each other. A couple of years after starting Robert had to take a break from the game and he left it in the very capable hands of Beverly and Matthew Byers. They ran a fantastic game for the community forHistory of Matt and Bev several years at the Boy Scout camp in Traverse City. Then in 2012 Beverly handed over the reins of the chapter to current owner Christopher Thetford. Each and every one of the owners has given their all to make this the most fantastic Convergence Larp chapter possible. The chapter is now run at the Girl Scout camp in Traverse City which has great amenities. As of May 2016 the chapter is starting a new campaign. The focus of the next several years will be to build community, to highlight and reward roleplay, and to make a home for anybody and everybody who wants to Larp. Players come from all over the country to play here and we people of all ages that can enjoy this game together. The great thing about Convergence Traverse City is that it is part of a national game and the character that is played in this region can be taken to any other chapter of the country to play. People from the ages of 14 to 80 enjoy this game and Convergence Traverse City is thankful to all three owners that have brought this game and community to Convergence City. Convergence Traverse City wants to share this great game with the world and to hopefully always build, and strengthen the great community involved in this fantastic game.