1-Day Playtest Experiments Event

July 09, 2022 - July 09, 2022
12891 Trist Rd, Grass Lake, MI, US

The July 1-Day Event will be an opportunity for a mid-season check in on the rules where we test ideas that may become part of the rules in the second half of the season or in 2023. There will be an in-game portion of this event with all the normal benefits that can earned, however over the course of the day there will be rules modifications that are play tested.

Feel free to register with a character you want credit for, you can can respend your exp and using a fake character

We'll be trying out a few things. You can read about them here.

The site for the 1-day is a MI State Park Rustic Cabin, called Southfork Cabin which means there's no electricity. It will be more important than normal that you register for this event in advance.

Entrance to the site is located through the Horse 'N Around Stables on Trist Rd. Parking lot is off Trist road next to the stable barn . The cabin is 725 feet from the parking lot and all gear and supplies will need to be carried from the parking lot.

Note that the State Park requires a Recreation Passport


Players Attending

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Player Name Character Name
Baylan B Taios Irani
Ben P Rodarr
Brigit C Belfry
Daniel L Kooc
Jaime S Ephany Baker
Joe C Gideon
Lucy R Faethana
Sal M Trellis Lindenvine
T.C. B Naomi
Waller W Arai

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