October 15, 2021 - October 17, 2021
2500 Pierce Road, Chelsea, Michigan, US

Welcome to our 3rd Beta test for our Convergence rules set. Whether you have attended previous beta test events or this is your first one, please make sure to log on to the Convergence discord and check for any updates prior to the event. This will ensure you have the latest update and know about any changes made between testing. This weekend will take place at Cedar Lake Outdoor Center, Chelsea Michigan. Please note that for your safety, we are requiring all players to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. We will be requiring proof of vaccination for everyone on site. Dragonfall includes a big feast and celebration of the holiday dedicated to the adventurers who felled the Great White Wyrm. The price is $60 dollars (which includes meals). New players play for 10 dollars. We look forward to seeing you there!

Marcus plays with his knight and dragon. His new dragon is a pure white, he was lucky enough to get a new wooden dragon this year. His parents did extra odd jobs all around trading favors to be able to get a local craftsman to make it for him.

This toy was bartered for with dual purpose.

Like any parent of course they want to see their child happy. Sadly, this toy can also function as a distraction from the crumbling world they live in. Marcus is so focused on his toy, he turns an eye to the regular fights that have broken out in the street of Onathera.

His parents think this distraction is good while they nervously ponder on the fact the town guard engages in so many conflicts with people with blackswords tattooed on their arm. They lose more of them than they win it seems.

They think they on how the Silverstar Legion tried to step in to assist against these men, and were promptly slaughtered. Marcus's mother saw their bodies hanging from the wall of a former town guard outpost that was burnt out after some conflict.

They think it'll distract him from the growing number of beggars on the street, who lost their lively hood.

They think it'll distract him from the bright lights the large fires off in the distance create. Or how the wells seems to be dryer and how the water from them feels almost hot.

You see, Marcus hasn't been sleeping well and really needs the distraction. While the days remain hot, the nights have gotten oh so cold. But, a city ordinance has been in place for a week after several wood burning furnaces and fire places exploded with raging fires. No one knows why. But, maybe it's for the best. Many people have reported hearing laughing when looking into flames.

However, it's Dragonfall and if nothing else, this holiday is about simply celebrating survival.

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