Wilds of Listryen Event 2

June 03, 2022 - June 05, 2022
4230 Obenauf Rd, Twin Lakes, Michigan, US

The event will be at YMCA Camp Pinewood: https://g.page/YMCACampPinewood?share
The event cost is $50 for current players and free for brand new players and NPCs. Food is $15 dollars. PayPal Link: https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/AllianceSoMI
Everyone attending the event is required to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19.

Event Teaser

Through the Slip into darkness, lies the area around the great tree. The haunting cry of an owl echoes amid the smoke as it awaits discovery and rescue.

The Blight has been stirred and its great mind carefully ponders its next move. An insult will always be repaid in blood, but the question is when and how.

A scream of rage reverberates throughout the world, audible and cowing to all. This outburst punctuates the end of magical device breathing life into a section of wasted land, its job complete. The flames of the phoenix draw closer, knowing it must protect the little lights.

An empty table sits in shadows until representatives gather around it. Words and paper can be as dangerous a battlefield as swords and spells.

Spikes of silvered steel imbued with magic pierce the ground as the land around strains against their hold.

The unharried continue to absorb the surrounding life. Each scream filled feeding creates new shape.

Fate's hands reach even through the frenzied Smoke and draw you yet again into the Wilds of Listryen.


Players Attending

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Player Name Character Name
Becky S Blue
Ben P Rodarr
Brigit C Belfry
Chad S Quintlaseti
Chris I Lor'elinkalis
Faelan L Spinner
GJ L Durk Bloodrune
Jaime S Ephany Baker
James D Thoral Reinhardt
Jim D Worthless
Joe W Bungtilious
Joseph M Phoenix
Kristen S Dustie White
Louis M Finch
Lucy R Faethana
Matt F NPC
Quartz F Leaf Ironwood
Stu R Malfyre the Peaceful
Taed P NPC
Travis G Zane Al'Vera
Waller W NPC

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