Earn Chits

Chits are the player reward currency that you can spend on various things at Convergence LARP.

We're also running a special donation promotion!

We've worked hard over the years to keep event costs fairly consistent and ensure that there's no cost for the wonderful NPCs to attend and eat food for the weekend. However the ever increasing cost of renting camps makes this a challenge, so we're offering our Players an opportunity to help us out and get an improved Chit Reward for their assistance.

The next 250 donations of $20 (or any multiple of $20) will receive 1.5 Chits per $20 donated. This is a 50% bonus in the number of Chits normally given for a $20 donation.

Sponsor an NPC

Cash Donations

Donation to the game yields 1 chit per $20 dollars. Donations can be made in person, or online via paypal.


Supplies & Crafted goods

We're working to provide a list of our needs for the upcoming year. Please be patient with us as we do so. If you're thinking of us in the meantime and have something we might find useful, feel free to reach out.