In Convergence, each character comes from a specific racial group. These represent common fantasy people, as well as some that are unique to our game. Races represent larger buckets with individual opportunity for customization, so instead of a difference between a wood elf and a high elf, you’d simply pick elf. Variations within that come from the addition of an archetype or simply roleplay and costuming choices you make your race is chosen at character creation but there are methods to change it in game if you find yourself unhappy with it. Below there are racial costuming requirements for the races. These are base requirements and meant to be used as a jumping off point. For more specifics, suggestions and guidance on costuming yourself as a known race, history and roleplay guidance, please see the Convergence Race Packet.

Please note: there are groups of people in Convergence that have been shaped by their environment, magic, and other means that have no connection to our real world. There is also no objective morality or hierarchy assigned to races in Convergence, simply different opportunities to engage with the rules system, costuming and makeup, and each other.

While Convergence encourages players to stretch the bounds of their creativity in creating characters and societies, making use of pejorative stereotypes which mock real world cultures will not be tolerated. There are ongoing discussions in the wider LARP community about how games portray fantasy races and the stereotypes that have historically been used for that purpose. Convergence strives to be a game that is welcoming to players of all backgrounds and reserves the right to require players who engage in behavior that is offensive to make changes to their characters to address problems. Convergence will work with players to understand the reasons for any required change so that those instances can be an opportunity for greater understanding in our community.