Tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into larping

I am a big D&D nerd, having over a decade of running games and even doing it professionally. So it was an easy sell when a friend talked me into trying NERO for a weekend, and I was instantly in love with the genre! Unfortunately, that happened shortly before pandemic, so I was left in limbo for a while until I was fortunate enough to find my way over to Convergence and I have been having a blast ever since!

What are your other interests?

If you like minty mojitos
And avoiding the rain
If you don't like big egos
If you're a little insane
If you like howlin' loud at full moons
In the dark of the night
Then I'm the LARPer you've looked for
Write to me and lets fight!

Tell us a bit about your character(s)!

Spinner [they/he] is a Spiderkin (Agrestral-Faeweld) character that combines whimsey with creep factor. They hail from a world known as the Court of Candleglass, where they were dressmaker and scribe to "The Queen", and are not entirely sure how they ended up in this new place but they are eager to use their talents for profit. Spinner is not unkind, but comes from a culture that is more brutal and dark than the norm, so if they are helping you then it is likely because they see a perk to doing so. It has also been observed that Spinner seems to have a particular fascination for other Fey-folk, bordering on obsession. Spinner relies upon their crafting background to make many items as well as coordinate the efforts of fellow Artisans, and also calls upon their knowledge of lore (and their Queen's supernatural sight) to fortify others against harm.

My NERO character Ramble [he] would not port well to the Convergence ruleset, but I'll tell you a bit about him anyway. He was a kindly Mystic Wood Elf with a deep love for the natural world and an open heart. Though his sheltered upbringing by a Biata hermit colored his worldview on certain peoples and celestial magics, he's known for always being on hand to fortify his allies, and for generosity with healing magic.

What is your favorite larping memory?

In my first Convergence game, I had the somewhat randomly good luck of wandering through the forest exactly when a large party was on their way to a mod. Initially they were afraid/concerned to see a totally unfamiliar person tottering out of the darkness, and there was a comical exchange in which they tried to figure out if I was "one of them" or not. It was a really fun way to introduce Spinner with the perfect combination of whimsey and darkness, after my first idea (a fire pit dinner) had sort of flopped.

Overhearing a spooky fairy describe how "some Fae are born from a baby's first laughter" as I happened to be walking by. I lean in and ask "So how were you born then? A baby's first scuffed knee?"

The entire town is out on a mod to install a relic that will empower the land and deal a major blow to the Big Bad. Things are going very poorly; the ritualist is bleeding out, as are half the adventurers (including the 2 healers). Big Bad is circling around us, gloating, and demanding the relic in exchange for our friends' lives, as I am in the middle of bandaging one of the healers. Split second decision; I finish bandaging the healer, and as she is standing up, I grab the relic and sprint all the way back to home. The enemies move to peruse, buying the healer some extra time, but my head-start is too big. Relic saved, and nobody died (except for about a month's supply of my adrenaline).

When someone meets you at larp, how can they best get to know you/engage with you?

Say hello and ask me what I can do! Despite experimenting with a CHARACTER who is a little dispassionate or intimidating, I as the PLAYER am a deeply cooperative person who wants to buff others or help support them. So come to me with your problems, and Spinner may have a way to help if you're willing to make it worth their while in return.