Tell us a bit about yourself and what got you into larping

When my adventures began I was in the throws of cringe and angst; I was 14. At this point, I had my introduction to the world of fantasy and rpg through Dnd at the public library. But unlike other people, who are either older than me, or are just cooler I guess, I didn't have any other background. I didn't watch LOTR, I hadn't heard of Dune, I was never drawn into WOW. I just knew I liked eating snacks and being someone else.

So when a friend asked me if I wanted to go out into the woods, hit people, and I would get food, I was down. We went to a thrift store, I got some brown pants and that was the extent of prep work. I did not have a name or a backstory. When I got there, I felt so unbelievably awkward. And the first year or so was proceeded by an endless amount of "yolo"'s and "swag".

And while I did the usual things teens do, cheerleading, track, robotics teams, at the end of the day LARPing was my thing. I missed my senior homecoming game to go to an event. And it wasn't even like a big world ending event. It was just more fun to be with my friends, than to be on a football field.

So anyway, through a series of trials and tribulations, I am a larper. This is my group. My thing. My, whatever you wanna call it. Community. That was the word I was looking for. Because honestly, these are the people who have seen at my best, and at my worst, whether they knew it or not. This has shaped who I am as a person, in mostly okay ways.

As far as who I am now? That is a little to existential. I am just a Kierra. Doing Kierra things. Trying survive and not kill my cats.

What are your other interests?

As aforementioned, I am not really a big gamer. But what I do love is board games. But as we are currently in a global panini, thats not something I have really been able to do.

My other hobbies are from necessity of being a larper, and being someone who refuses to spend money on things. So I sew, embroider, paint, or whatever other craft I think I will need for an event. Honestly, I do not actually like doing any of those hobbies, but I like having a thing at the end of it.

Tell us a bit about your character(s)!

Saro. Not the sad kind. Started out as blank as a character can be. I had no goals, except climbing trees and murdering people. But apparently climbing trees is an insurance liability. Really the world just happened to me. I tormented faye. I asked people for their cool hats. And had an ego the size of Fortannis itself. I even laid in the grass for hours thinking that if I could listen to it, it would give me glowing eyes and the ability to walk through trees. After being incredibly itchy and dirty, I decided Saro would not be a wood elf.

To make a long story short, Saro is a pirate. With a duchy that has been burned down at her feet,and a gang where no one is sure if they are the good or the bad guys. Saro is not evil or good. She is looking out for her interest and the interest of the people she is taking care of. And to her, that is the greater good.
I also have a few half baked alts I take around to other games. "Lady" Maveline is probably the most developed of them. Lover of art, passion and the finer things in life. Someone who is easy to get along with.

I also have Gur, who is an Orc, but I have literally never played, so we will see how that goes.

What is your favorite larping memory?

I hate this question, because I think I must walk away from every event with some sort of memory loss. I have no idea what happened the entire time. People can tell these long, dramatic stories of heroism, but all I know was I was up until 5am and my shoulders hurt. As a result of that here are a few short, rapid fire memories (some are maybe inside jokes):

-Forming the Moonless Night (gang), and (not) scooping eyeballs
-There was this one fight, where we were fighting like this giant band of orcs or something, and it was just really intense and I have never felt more physically powerful in my entire life
-My first (?) dragonfall, and being peer pressured into telling the the "totally true tale of bleak"
-Not the hookhorror
-Link is my dad
-Literally standing on a table and screaming at the Irani's for...? I don't know but they deserved it
-Essentially screwing the town by saying "you're services are no longer required" to some elemental guy
-Being dead on a stump
-Bob Hope
-Reverse banditing.
-Outing a king to the bad guy made me a duchess
-The Great Goat Disaster of (?)
-Any and all ship stealing adventures

When someone meets you at larp, how can they best get to know you/engage with you?

Well, you could give me all of your money. But I don't think you should. The best way is to probably jump into whatever scheme I am pitching and come up with a "cool gang name" for said scheme. Or try to jump into whatever politics I am trying to jump into.

Essentially, don't take yourself too seriously, and lets go mess things up.