Playtest Module Day

July 10, 2021 - July 10, 2021
Island Lake Pathway, South Lyon, Michigan, US

We are excited to have you join us for the first play test of our rule-set for the Convergence LARP!

The event will be held at: The Hickory Picnic Shelter in Island Lake Recreation Area.

Staff will be on site at 9 am EDT, we intend to be game on at 11 am EDT, please do what you can to arrive in time to check in and get ready! We intend to run tests until ~5pm.

Please create your character to the best of your ability on the CMA, we'll print out the card and make any adjustments needed due to rule changes or technical difficulties with pen and paper at check in.

A few things to keep in mind for this particular event:

You need to be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 to join this playtest. Please bring your CDC vaccination card. If you are unable to be vaccinated for some reason please contact Matt ( to discuss the possibility of an exception.

While we intend to keep things in game as much as possible, this is mainly a play-test; as such the story binding the event together is less important than the actual play of the game. We'll have some role playing encounters involved in the "plot line" primarily to test some of our Envoy skill sets. Please remember to "climb the rope" at all times, and expect us to stop encounters, re-run encounters, and do other distinctly non-immersive things throughout the day.

Costuming is always encouraged, but as this event is more mechanically focused we will be running a low costuming, no makeup monster camp. Players can feel free to dress a bit down as well, though we'd prefer no jeans/cargo shorts & t-shirts. PC makeup will not be required for this one day.

We intend to run "groups" of players through a few specifically designed module encounters to shake test the rules. Groups are self selected by the players, please pick a unified name for your group and have everyone involved put the same name in the space provided on the registration form. We would like to see groups of 6-9 for the mods. We reserve the right to add a player or two to your group, or split a group if they get too large.

You do not need to belong to a "group" to join us! Unaffiliated players will be sorted into groups as needed.

We're going to run the same module over and over again for every group. Then we'll probably split up the groups into different groups and run those groups through AGAIN!!

We also reserve the right to make rules changes on the fly in order to fix broken mechanics and/or test out some concepts.

Item crafting being difficult to test under these circumstances, we will not be supporting item crafting for this event. Players will "have" any basic items needed to interact with the game (armor, weapons) as needed, with no improved items possible. Please keep in mind that there are some skills in the crafting tree that are practically useful in game without the ability to create items.

There will be an area set aside for players not actively on the module. Depending on popularity, that area may be deemed in game.. please let us know what you would prefer in the registration form.

We're going to formally asking for feedback from the players after the event. You may want to bring a small pad of paper and pen, or other method of note taking, to jot down issues and comments as they occur to you.

Please be patient with the Convergence Staff on the day of the event; it's been a while for all of us, we're bound to be a bit off our game.

Please use this google form to register for the event: Convergence July 10th Alpha Play-test Registration

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