New Players and Character Conversions

Convergence LARP welcomes new players and offers two options to help them integrate into our community: a Free Event for newcomers to LARPing and a Character Conversion option for experienced LARPers.

Free Event

At Convergence LARP, we believe in providing a welcoming environment for new players. To facilitate this, we offer a free weekend event (meals are not included in the event price) for individuals who are entirely new to LARPing. During this event, new players will have the opportunity to learn about our world, rules, and engage in introductory role-playing experiences. If a new player is more comfortable NPCing their first event, this free event can be used during their first weekend game as a player character.

Character Conversion

For those who have prior LARPing experience, we offer the Character Conversion option. This allows you to bring a character from another LARP into the Convergence universe. Your converted character will begin with 150 XP, enabling you to start your Convergence journey at an intermediate level.

If you choose to go with Character Conversion, please follow these guidelines:

Character Adaptation:
You have the creative freedom to adapt your character from the previous LARP to fit seamlessly into the Convergence world. You can make adjustments to their backstory, abilities. appearance, or any other traits as needed.
Character Sheet Submission:
Submit your character sheet from the previous LARP to along with your conversion request.
Role-Playing Integration:
As a player, you're encouraged to immerse your character in the Convergence world and engage with the existing player base. Feel free to reach out to our player base for help on how your character can fit into the world or start the game with preexisting relationships.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Convergence LARP community and assisting you with your character conversion. If you have any questions or need further assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us at