Regeneration & Flammable


innate, passive, single purchase, racial

Requires Race: Warborne and Flora

Cost: 0

Usage: self


Regeneration: The character can be bandaged past the normal wounded limit of the bandaging skill to full health.

Flammable: The character’s strength with respect to one aspect of their training leaves them with a weakness to fire. The vulnerable weakness can be selected up to a maximum of three times for a given qualifier.

Vulnerable I: When vulnerable to a qualifier, characters suffer double damage from numeric attacks with the qualifier, double the duration of any effect delivered with the qualifier, and are treated as wounded for purposes of resolving an execute with the qualifier. If the duration of an effect is encounter, sunrise/sunset, or forever the duration is not affected by this weakness.

Vulnerable II: When vulnerable to a qualifier at this level the character may not use avoid reactions to negate any effect with the qualifier.

Vulnerable III: When vulnerable to a qualifier at this level, any time the qualifier, in any form, affects the character, it results in an altered effect to execute death. Characters may not use any reaction against execute in response to this effect.