Many creatures have been afflicted by the force of Chaos. Its powers disfigure, brand, and/or warp living creatures. Some of these afflictions are easier to hide than others, but they are always present. Cursed people are not exactly rare in the world, more of an uncommon find. Due to this there is no known social structure or familial understanding between them. If a society accepts them they make their home wherever they find it, same as anyone else. Since several narrow minded cultures reject them, many Cursed lead more nomadic lifestyles.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Dexterity Training III 8 The character gains +8 natural armor.
novice Conduit: Potent 2 The character can change the effect of any damaging call to potent.
apprentice Empower: Conjuration 4 The character gains the ability to double the numeric of an effect produced by a conjuration spell.
apprentice Life Drain 5 The cursed has learned to inflict a portion of their nature on another for a benefit to themselves. They may make a 20 normal pierce attack, if the attack is not negated with a reaction the cursed gains a 20 normal imbue body.
apprentice Practical Madness 5 The suffering of the curse afflicting the character, or perhaps the nature of the curse itself has twisted the mind of the cursed to such a degree, attempts to ply them forcibly causes repercussions. They gain a reflect command reaction.
apprentice Resist Command 3 The character gains an avoid command reaction.
apprentice Resist Poison 5 The character gains an avoid poison reaction.
apprentice Toxic Spit 5 The cursed can spew a toxin that drives aggression in others.
master Commune: Dead 5 The character has been through the veil and can gain knowledge by reaching across it; they may perform a powerful version of the divination ritual spell lore and receive information on any object related directly to death or the dead. Possible targets could be a dead body, a coffin, a grave or a murder weapon; but arbitration of vaild targets is left to the local plot team. Targeting a non-valid target will cause the ritual to fail upon completion, at the cost of the skill use, but without consuming the material components.


Weakness Description
Frenzy By their nature the character can easily be pushed to violence. Durations for command: attack effects are doubled for the character.
Rotten The cursed is a corpse, or their curse directly hinders their well being. The effects of bandaging are reduced to 1.
Unlucky The character’s curse causes them bad luck. The player must roll on the unlucky table at the start of each event.
Unstable Form The cursed is locked into their form, life is unkind. They have -4 max HP and are immune to the transmutation spell race change, without special considerations determined by plot.