primary race

The Agrestral are humanoid animals, whether unique magical creations or fully developed societies. They can range from people with slight animal aspects such as feathers or patches of fur, to full on animals with advanced intelligence. It is only somewhat uncommon to find villages populated by many different types of Agrestral. Agrestral animal aspect races are made up of mammals, many types of lizards, and avian creatures. Other creatures such as insect type creatures and aquatic creatures are hybrids of Agrestral, mixing with Faeweld, Elementals, and so on.


Skill Level Skill Cost Description
innate Claws 0 The character gains the skill unarmed combat.
innate Dexterity Training III 8 The character gains +8 natural armor.
innate Physical Training III 8 The rigors of a difficult life have made this character more resilient to damage. They gain +8 HP.
basic Rend 3 The character has honed their claws to pierce armor and damage the flesh underneath. They gain the ability to change the effect of any damaging attack made unarmed to pierce.
novice Hightail 3 The character is adept at moving in packs, and so has learned to react quickly to threats that would harm the group. They gain an avoid explosion.
novice Packmate 3 The character understands what it means to work together. At the conclusion of bandaging they may touchcast a normal heal breaking point on the bandaged character.
novice Scavenger 4 The character is adept at collecting trinkets. They can search a node for half material benefit.
apprentice Hunt 4 The character gains the tracking skill. This version of tracking cannot be used for counter tracking.
apprentice Weapon Affinity: Agrestral 5 The methods of the agrestral favor mace, spear, and unarmed combat. They gain the ability to double the numeric of any damaging attack made with these weapons.


Weakness Description
Credulous The character will believe anything. They are unable to use avoid reactions against charisma effects.
Frenzy By their nature the character can easily be pushed to violence. Durations for command: attack effects are doubled for the character.
Skittish The character has a difficult time being pushed around a battlefield. While under the effects of a repel they also suffer the effect normal stun defense. This additional effect cannot be mitigated by a reaction.
Slight The character has a small physical frame, allowing stun effects to directly harm them. The effects stun: left/right arm, stun: arms, stun: left/right leg, stun: leg, and stun: body also deal 2 HP damage to the character.