primary race

Stouted are boastful, jovial, honor bound, long lived people. They often hail from regions rich in mountains or hill covered lands. The stouted people have an eye for detail and they are truly artisans at heart. Stouted cultures place a strong emphasis on patience and perseverance in all things, with great respect given to achievements completed over long periods of time. In everyday terms this is reflected in their hair and beards. Halflings, Gnomes and Dwarves all fall under the category of Stouted and are distinguishable by their facial hair. Dwarves usually have beards measuring at least 6 inches long with braiding and other decorations. Dwarves without beards have long braids in their hair that are heavily decorated. Halflings have bushy eyebrows and large or decorated sideburns. Gnomes display fancy, colorful hair, goatees, and mustaches (for example the handlebar). Players with beards this long in real life who choose to play Dwarves should include decorations/braiding sufficient to indicate their Dwarven nature.